Talent Meeting Held Before Raw

A talent meeting was held before tonight’s Raw in which WWE officials discussed the travel issues from the Saudi Arabia trip. According to the Wrestling Observer, the talent meeting took place at about 3 PM on Monday with Vince McMahon and the Raw crew.
During the meeting, WWE blamed the talent’s speculation on the case of their travel delay from Saudi Arabia for causing problems, with the talent being told that all issues involving the delay were mechanical in nature. Seth Rollins tried to do a “rah-rah” speech and told the roster to keep that kind of thing off social media in the future. 
The site also notes that Vince McMahon left well before there was any indication of a problem with the roster’s flight, having departed at 12:40 AM local time which is two hours before the talent was to board the ultimately-delayed plane.Click Here: south sydney rabbitohs jersey

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