Eric Bischoff Explains Why Triple H Didn’t Make It in WCW

On the latest edition of 83 Weeks, Eric Bischoff talks about Paul Levesque (who would go on to become Triple H) coming in to WCW in 1994 and why he ultimately didn’t work out there. Bischoff explained that Paul was brought in to WCW at a time when the company was heavily cutting travel expenses and wanting to keep their travel as confined to the south as possible, so Paul living in the northeast created a problem.
“So when Paul Levesque came along, or came to my attention, and by the way, he came to my attention through Terry Taylor, Terry must have gotten a tape from him or something. And when Paul Levesque came to my attention, and everyone was excited about bringing him in, they saw a lot of potential in Paul, but he lived in the northeast. And he came in right at that period of time when we were really trying to micromanage our talent travel budget. And the biggest issue I had with him was that he didn’t live in Atlanta. I think, there was an acronym that I used to describe Paul, I think I even said it to him once, he was geographically undesirable, a GUD. And I heard him reference that a couple of years ago, making fun of me for putting him in that category. But again, at the time, we just couldn’t afford to fly people in from the west coast or fly even people from Minneapolis, we were just trying to get everyone to move and reside within the Atlanta market so we could cut down on our travel expenses.”Click Here: Paris Saint-Germain FC Jersey Sale

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