Smackdown Tag Team Reportedly Requests WWE Release

Whether it’s Enzo and Cass, #DIY, or the Golden Truth, WWE has lost a ton of tag teams this year. It sounds like they may be getting ready to lose yet another one over on Smackdown. Super Luchas posted a rumor on their site that claims that WWE stars Primo and Epico Colon have requested their releases from the company. WWC also retweeted the article from the Super Luchas website, WWC is a wrestling promotion down in Puerto Rico that is owned by the Colon family. While it is interesting to note, no major wrestling sources have been able to confirm the story as of yet. Could The Colon cousins be leaving the company soon?
It seems that we may already have another clue to the answer of that question. The Pro Wrestling Tees website has tweeted out a new shirt for Orlando Colon. Orlando is the birth name of WWE star Epico, and items such as t-shirts are typically only sold through WWE themselves when you are employed by them. It should be noted that the item on Pro Wrestling Tees does still say that Colon is a WWE Superstar, and both of the Colons are still listed as members of the Smackdown roster on It is highly unusual for current WWE stars to have merchandise sold on Pro Wrestling Tees, which has led to further speculation that the team may be done with the company soon.


.@wweepico Orlando Colón #wrestling tee shirts …

11:30 AM – 28 Jun 2017

If the Colons are leaving the company, then that puts an end to the family working for WWE. Numerous stars from the family have worked for the company only to leave in the end. Primo and Epico have worked alongside each other throughout most of their WWE careers. The two of them have been rebranded as Los Matadores, The Shining Stars, and even as just simply The Colons over the years. Unfortunately, none of their gimmicks were ever really able to land with audiences, and it seems that their time to leave may soon be arriving. The duo captured the WWE Tag Team Championships one time together during their time with the promotion.

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