Review of Timeline History of WWE 1990 w/Bruce Pritchard

WWE 1990 is mostly remembered for the “passing of the torch” from Hulk Hogan to Ultimate Warrior at WrestleMania VI. But there was so much more and KAYFABE COMMENTARIES found someone with lots of love in his heart to talk about it. BROTHER LOVE to be exact, in the real world he was former WWE creative member & confidant of Vince McMahon BRUCE PRITCHARD.
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During 1990, Pritchard and his alter ego were front & center for many of the top angles. The Brother Love show was the scene for the launching of many great & not so great feuds. In addition to his TV character, Pritchard was in charge of the WWE as a television product. Here are the highlights from Bruce & SEAN OLIVER’S two plus hours together:
The buildup of Hogan/Warrior from Royal Rumble to WrestleMania VI, Hogan takes a hiatus to make a movie (he would be back for Summerslam to face Earthquake), the Big Boss Man goes good guy, the splitting of the Power of Pain, Earthquake lays out Hulk Hogan, Brutus Beefcake suffers a near fatal out of ring injury, the beginning of Persian Gulf conflict & how it affected creative decisions, Hercules & Paul Roma form Power & Glory, the creation of the World Bodybuilding Federation & ICOPRO, “The Model” Rick Martel blinds Jake Roberts, the Rockers win the belts but return them due to a broken ring at SNME and the infamous Gobbedly Gooker hatches at Survivor Series. 
Included are the arrivals in WWE of the Undertaker (you might know him), Road Warriors (now called Legion of Doom), the Titan Tower (the current home of the WWE offices), Crush (3rd member of Demolition), Sgt. Slaughter (as an Iraqi sympathizer), Kerry Von Erich (from World Class), Adnan Al Kasay (from AWA to manage Slaughter), Battle Kat (ugh) & the Nasty Boys (from WCW). We also see the exits from WWE of Raymond Rougeau (retirement to announcing), announcer Tony Schiovane (back to WCW), Andre the Giant (at WrestleMania VI), Terry “Red Rooster” Taylor (back to WCW), Hillbilly Jim (retirement), Jesse Ventura (fired), Sapphire (just exits), Rick Rude (eventually to WCW)

Pritchard is a great guest as Sean debates him on the Red Rooster and Goobedly Gooker gimmicks that Bruce stands by being good gimmicks. For many (me included) the highlight will be how Brother Love was constructed from the ground up. Bruce also gives great insight to the creation of what was originally called Kane the Undertaker, the use of vignettes to introduce characters before their in-ring debut, why the Ultimate Warrior didn’t full get over a World champion plus offers wonderful impressions of Vince while outlining the creative process with Pat Patterson.  
Next on the release list are Timeline WCW 1990 w/Jim Cornette (July 11), YouShoot with Manny Fernandez (July 27th). For information on Alan Wojcik’s wrestling coverage, check out & plus which airs Sundays 9am on ;


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