WWE House Show Lineups Changed as a Result of Superstar Shakeup

  • As per WWE officials, there will be a bit of a “lag” regarding the new Raw and Smackdown Live rosters being active on house shows. The changes will be rolled out beginning this weekend, and some wrestlers who were previously advertised for live events won’t be there.

  • If WWE went ahead and kept the old rosters in place for house shows, it would have presented a situation where those who have moved to Raw couldn’t possibly be at the Monday house show and on TV on Raw at the same time.

  • This week was actually the best week to do the Superstar Shakeup because WWE didn’t schedule any house shows as a way to give talent a rest following WrestleMania. The company will go back to their normal full weekend schedule on April 14.

    Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Subscription information & prices available at f4wonline.com

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