Several Wrestlers Take Issue With UFC President Dana White's "Fake" Comment

Ahead of last night’s UFC 190 event in Brazil, UFC President took to Twitter to address a fan who criticized the price tag of a UFC PPV in comparison to the $9.99 price tag of the WWE Network.

Dana White agreed that while the price tag was high, “fake sh** should be 9.99,” said White. He went on to clarify that he wasn’t disrespecting what wrestlers do and those he have met are awesome.

Below are the tweets that began the “fake” discussion that saw a number of wrestlers hit back at Dana White over his comments considering everything they put their bodies through:

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins was one of the man to speak out regarding Dana White’s comments that wrestling is fake:

Read the rest of the reaction from the wrestling world, as several other WWE and TNA stars chimed in, by viewing Dana White’s Twitter page.

SEVERAL WWE Stars PISSED At UFC President Dana White For “FAKE” Comments!

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