WWE To Remove Hulk Hogan From WWE Hall Of Fame?

There is said to be a lot of speculation regarding Hulk Hogan’s status as a WWE Hall Of Famer following an alleged racist rant that cost The Hulkster his job with WWE this week.

Currently, Hogan is not listed in the Hall Of Fame section of WWE.com, however that is because WWE officials ordered the website to be scrubbed of all Hogan mentions.

Wrestling Observer Radio is reporting that as of Friday afternoon, a decision had yet to be made regarding Hogan’s WWE Hall Of Fame status. It was also mentioned that Vince McMahon will likely change his mind about certain things as time goes by, and that time may heal some of the wounds.

Additionally, it’s worth pointing out that Hogan may not have seen the worst of things yet, as The National Enquirer is promising that more comments from the video will be released soon.

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