Hernandez Cut From TNA, TNA/Lucha Underground Contract Issues

TNA Wrestling has cut Hernandez from their roster and scrapped several already-taped segments of upcoming Impact Wrestling episodes after being found in a legally actionable position at the hands of Lucha Underground. The promotion was forced to make the changes after bringing Hernandez back on board, despite the fact that he was still under contract to Lucha Underground.

According to a new PWInsider.com report, Hernandez informed the company that he was contractually free and clear to sign with them which led to a deal being agreed upon. Hernandez was then introduced on television and became part of the Beatdown Clan, but after the appearances at TNA’s television tapings, Lucha Underground approached the company and said that Hernandez was still under contract to them and had not yet been released, so he could not legally appear on TNA television.

TNA reportedly attempted to resolve the issue and offered to pay Lucha Underground for the appearances Hernandez made with them, however Lucha Underground ultimately turned down the offers. This left TNA unable to use the footage and the company decided to pull anything involving the Beatdown Clan from their television. All of the storylines are done and TNA will be replacing that material with existing material, including matches from TNA Slammiversary 2015.

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