Nearly 50 Lakh Indians Die Due To Medical Negligence Every Year In Different Hospitals

With nearly 5,000,000 Indians dying due to medical negligence every year, experts claim that a specialised course for doctors and hospital staff focusing on how a critically ill or injured patient should be handled could bring down the figure by almost 50 per cent.

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The Acute Critical Care Course (ACCC), developed in the early 1980s in Europe, has come as a boon for medical institutions abroad by reducing the death rate of patients by nearly 10 per cent, even in serious health complications including sepsis, said Ajay Sharma, a transplant specialist and consultant at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital in the UK.

The two-day course has become mandatory for surgical trainees both in the US and the UK, which annually lose over 400,000 and 98,000 patients, respectively, due to medical errors, Sharma told PTI.

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