Man Shot Crossbow Into Greenfield Home When Aiming For Coyote: Police

GREENFIELD, WI — A Greenfield man will not face charges after he told police he was aiming for a coyote when he shot into a neighbor’s home with a crossbow, according to a police report.

It happened on March 8 around 10 a.m. near 95th Street and Plainfield Avenue. A woman told police she heard a loud noise in her kitchen area before finding glass, a hole in her sliding door, and a metal object on the ground, according to a police report. She soon noticed that her cat dragged the shaft end of an arrow nearby, according to police.

Police looked around the area behind the house to see if anyone was shooting arrows, and they found a man who said he was planting seeds, police said. Later, an officer spotted a reflection of some type of bow and arrow inside a home nearby, and another officer soon saw a crossbow inside as well, police said.

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Find out what's happening in Greenfieldwith free, real-time updates from Patch.

Eventually, officers got a search warrant for the home. Police also spoke again to the man who said he was planting seeds, but this time he admitted to shooting a crossbow at a coyote in his backyard, according to a police report. Police found it was his house where they spotted the crossbow, the report said.

The man told police he didn’t think he shot at a trajectory where it would have entered another home, and offered his crossbow to police, according to the report. Police noted that the man seemed nervous and apologetic before officers arrested him and booked him for recklessly endangering safety with a dangerous weapon.

On March 17, the man attended a charging conference with police, the victim and the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office, a police report said. After speaking with the victim and hearing the facts of the case, the DA suggested an early intervention program, police said.

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