Kurt Angle Reveals Details About His Recent Negotiations With WWE

TNA World Champion Kurt Angle spoke to Sports Illustrated’s Extra Mustard blog this week about his recent negotiations with WWE and why WWE ultimately wasn’t interested in bringing him back.

“I haven’t spoke openly about this,” said Angle, “but I opened up my options and was going to decide between TNA and WWE. I wasn’t going to leave TNA unless WWE was offering a fair deal.”

Angle initially contacted WWE Chairman Vince McMahon about a potential return to the company, but was told to speak with Triple H, who wasn’t even interested in meeting with him.

“Paul is in charge,” said Angle. “I found that out when I contacted Vince. I’ve always had a good relationship with Paul, so I didn’t consider that a problem. But he decided they had enough talent.

“For the Vince McMahon who I knew, enough was never enough. He always wanted more. I don’t know what was going on over there, but they even canceled our meeting. I never went to see them. They didn’t even sit me down and talk to me.

Angle was shocked that WWE didn’t show much interest in him, but is thankful that TNA has rolled out the red carpet for him.

“It blew my mind,” he said. “It was as if I was a nobody, that I wasn’t Kurt Angle. From a wrestling standpoint, they just weren’t interested. But TNA not only stepped up, they gave me everything I wanted – the dates, the money, and it’s no secret that I’ve went to rehab in the past, and they gave me time off. You talk about a company that’s loyal to you, and you want to be loyal back. So I didn’t pursue the WWE any further. When it comes down to it, you’ve got to stick with the people who want to take care of you. And [TNA president] Dixie Carter took care of me.

“But I’m going to be straight with you,” said Angle. “The WWE would have made more money this year if they would have signed me. That’s no secret.”

Angle spoke about several wrestlers he was interested in working with in WWE and commented on whether he could ever see himself back in WWE.

“The best match of the year would have been between myself and Daniel Bryan,” said Angle. “Rusev would have made sense, and Brock and I could have went at it again. There were just so many places to go. I don’t know if they just thought I was too old, but obviously they’re not watching our product. Triple H is the same age as me. It was hard, but at the end of the day, I’m really happy.

“Will I ever go back? I really don’t care. I’m happy to be here in TNA.”

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