Jim Ross Blog: Tough Enough Returning, JR Special On WWE Network?

The following are highlights of the latest Jim Ross blog:

On WWE Network airing one of his one-man shows: “We are in talks with WWE to tape a version of our RINGSIDE w/ Jim Ross show for airing on the WWE Network at some point in the future. Details are still being discussed but this could happen much sooner than later. If all the details get finalized we would likely tape the show in Orlando at the NXT Arena. Fingers crossed for this project which I hope will lead to more opportunities to contribute to @WWENetwork.”

On crowd chants at RAW: “Thought some of the insider oriented crowd chants were distracting and unnecessary. I wonder if it’s truly the fan’s expressing their feelings or simply trying to gain attention on TV? Or perhaps a little of both?”

On Roman Reigns: “Roman Reigns seems to be on a more acceptable pace to become accepted by the fans who have demonstrated that they are not fans of a systematic and structured game plan to establish new, fan favorites. I like Reigns and have every confidence in him becoming a top level main eventer in WWE for years to come. The process simply takes time and careful planning and execution.”

On Tough Enough: “Curious to see what the skinny is on Tough Enough returning to TV. Anxious to see the cast including the coaches. TE is a solid concept but the cast of characters that interact each week make or break the show. That’s the reality TV business in a nutshell.”

On Seth Rollins: “WWE Champion Seth Rollins had a really good night in London and is improving in his role every week or so it seems to me. Smart creative to have such a talented albeit beatable WWE Champion who is surrounded by ‘protection.’ J&J Security are underrated, entertaining and add a great deal to Rollins’ presentation.”

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