'It Doesn't Objectify Woman': Akasa Air Praised After Pic Of Crew Member Wearing Sneakers Surfaces

India’s newest airline Akasa Air is receiving positive reactions for a welcome change they have adopted. Under their comfort first policy, their crew members were seen sporting sneakers instead of heels.

Akasa Air

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‘Well-deserved change’ by the airlines   

In her LinkedIn post, Diksha Mishra, a resident from Bengaluru, posted a picture of a cabin crew member who donned custom trousers, a jacket and comfortable sneakers. Therein Diksha expressed that she was impressed after seeing a “well-deserved change”. 

Along with the picture, she wrote, “I recently took a flight from Akasa Air and was surprised but really happy to see a well-deserved change. Attached is a picture showing how comfortable the air hostess is in her new uniform. No more killer heels to run the services. Absolute comfort and I am sure it was long pending for these humans.Congratulations Akasa Air on breaking the norms. Good luck with your operations in the aviation industry.”


Akasa Air responded, “Thank you so much, Diksha! One of our core values is comfort. We believe that providing outstanding service requires a high level of comfort. We look forward to welcoming you on board soon.”

Internet lauds airline for the move

This move by the airline, which is backed by late stock market investor Rakesh Jhunjhunwala and is a low-cost carrier, was celebrated by people on social media.

“A great example of good leadership. A company that makes their employees comfortable can ensure that they will make their customers comfortable,” commented a user.

Akasa Air

“What I love about this approach, it doesn’t objectify women. I always felt, service was needed in Airline than the beauty or objectification motto which was undue. Whoever thought of women to serve passengers in airline have to look like fashion models was definitely too patriarchal,” said another.

Custom uniform unveiled in July 2022

Akasa Air revealed the crew uniform in July last year. The company declared that it is the first Indian airline to have introduced custom trousers and jackets, with their fabric specially made for Akasa Air (using recycled polyester fabric which is made from pet bottle plastic salvaged from marine waste) and comfortable sneakers for its airline in-flight crew keeping in mind ergonomics, aesthetics and comfort.

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