Details On The Harris Brothers' Company Possibly Taking Over TNA

A Nashville-based marketing agency named Aroluxe is in the running to buy TNA. Ron & Don Harris are involved in the company, which TNA reportedly owes money to. To update on this, PWInsider reports that there may be a corporate takover if TNA doesn’t pay them what’s owed.

Aroluxe reportedly handles all of Impact Wrestling’s production including expenditures, and TNA is to reimburse them and pay for services. PWInsider claims that TNA owes Aroluxe at least one payment, and based on their contract, if the payment isn’t made, Aroluxe would then be able to claim majority ownership of TNA. This would leave Dixie Carter a minority owner, and likely bring drastic management changes.

Aroluxe has been handling Impact Wrestling’s production since January 2016. PWInsider reports that Ron and Don Harris have been working in different areas of TNA so regularly that there likely wouldn’t be any transitional issues if their company does take over.

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