WWE RAW Results (10/19/2015): Dallas, Texas

WWE RAW Results (Oct. 19, 2015)
From Dallas, Texas
Results by Jason Powell and ProWrestling.net

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin Kicks Off RAW

Michael Cole welcomed viewers to Raw. He was joined on commentary by JBL and Byron Saxton…

The glass broke and there was a great pop as Steve Austin’s music played and he made his entrance. Austin did his usual four corner routine once he was in the ring minus flipping the double middle finger salute. Cole noted that it was the first time in nearly four years that Austin had been in the ring on Raw.

Austin spoke about starting his career at the Sportatorium, and opening the building with The Rock. He played to the crowd with some “hell yeah” chant alongs, then plugged his interview with Brock Lesnar for WWE Network. Austin played the “What?” game with the crowd and then said he was very honored to introduce The Undertaker.

The Undertaker & Brock Lesnar Showdown

Undertaker made his entrance as Austin made his exit. Once the elaborate entrance was over, Taker addressed Brock Lesnar. He said they have one last battle to fight. Taker said the gates of hell will look like the gates of heaven compared to where he’s taking Lesnar on Sunday.

Brock Lesnar’s music played and then he and Paul Heyman walked onto the stage. Heyman delivered his introduction and spoke about how he and Lesnar were talking about how fitting it is that both men will enter HIAC consumed with the thought of revenge. Heyman said Lesnar wants to avenge the disputed, tainted, and illegitimate victory that Taker scored over him at SummerSlam.

Heyman said Taker lusts after the notion of avenging the fact that Lesnar conquered his undefeated streak at WrestleMania. The crowd booed.

Taker said that’s were the problem is. Taker removed his hat and trench coat. “When you take everything from a man, then that man ends up fighting with nothing to lose,” Taker said. Undertaker motioned for Lesnar to come to the ring. Heyman rolled his eyes and blew it off, but Lesnar walked to the ring as Heyman tried to talk him down.

Lesnar stopped at ringside, then leapt onto the apron. Heyman continued to protest by saying this isn’t on Lesnar’s time. “No, no, no, this is not your time,” Heyman said. Lesnar smiled and then dropped off the ring apron. Heyman looked relieved, then joined Lesnar in smiling at Taker as they headed up the ramp. Taker did the throat slashing gesture. Cole said Lesnar may be able to walk away tonight, but no one can do that on Sunday because of HIAC.

The broadcast team hyped John Cena and The Dudley Boyz vs. New Day for after the break.

John Cena and The Dudley Boyz vs. Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Xavier Woods

During the introductions, Cole hyped Cena’s appearance on ESPN “SportsCenter.” Woods said New Day are unicorns in that they brought magic back to WWE. They also mocked the injuries suffered by Dallas Cowboys star players (and, more importantly, my fantasy football team players) Tony Romo and Dez Bryant. New Day regathered at ringside early in the match as they cut to break. [C]

[Q3] Late in the match, Kofi ran Bubba Ray Dudley into the ring post. John Cena performed a cross body block off the top rope and onto Big E on the floor. Meanwhile, Woods rolled up D-Von Dudley and held his tights to get the pin.

Winners: The New Day

After The Match:

After the match, the babyfaces roughed up New Day. John Cena gave Woods an Attitude Adjustment. Bubba had the crowd tell D-Von to get the tables. Cena and D-Von hoisted up Woods and then Bubba powerbombed him from the second rope through the table. Big E and Kingston watched on in horror while lying on the entrance ramp…

Randy Orton Update

Cole announced that Randy Orton was supposed to be on the tour of Mexico and never made the dates. Cole said Orton was not at Raw tonight either. JBL said his sources told him that Orton “is injured again.” A shot aired of Dean Ambrose talking with agents Dean Ambrose, David Finlay, and a referee backstage. Saxton said Renee Young will attempt to interview Ambrose after the break.

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