WWE personnel heading to the EVOLVE Recruitment Camp in January

WWE personnel will be helping in recruiting new talent during the EVOLVE Recruitment Camp which will take place between January 3 and 5 in Port Richey, Florida.
WWE and EVOLVE has an evolving relationship, pun intended, which sees NXT stars appear at EVOLVE shows while also getting “first dibs” at most EVOLVE talent when they’re ready to step up. EVOLVE’s Vice President of Creative and Talent Relations, Gabe Sapolsky, is also a WWE creative consultant and works with the NXT brand and the WWE Performance Center.
This three-day camp, aimed at wrestlers, managers, and referees, will have WWE Performance Center coaches Terry Taylor, Steve Corino, Norman Smiley, and Sean Hayes, NXT referee DA Brewer, NXT North American champion Roderick Strong, and NXT producer Jeremy Borash all attending trying to scout the next wrestling superstar.
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