AXS TV Confirms NJPW Will No Longer Air on their Network

AXS TV has confirmed to Fightful that there will be no NJPW events on their network next year, after the promotion announced they would not air in the US. 
When AXS was sold to Anthem on September 9, NJPW Executive Producer Ryan Swift was let go. Swift was the one had a big role in acquiring NJPW programming for the next work. The deal between AXS and NJPW was set to expire in January 2021. NJPW began airing there in 2015. 
NJPW and Impact have reportedly had a strained relationship over the years after the way Kazuchika Okada was booked in the promotion between 2010-2011. Impact has tried to repair that relationship in the past, letting NJPW know that those who booked Okada at the time were no longer in charge.Click Here: newcastle knights rugby store

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