Parasound Classic 200 Integrated Amplifier, Tekton Moab Loudspeakers, BlueSound Streamer, Straight Wire Cabling

For a room too small for Tekton’s massive, multi-driver Moab loudspeakers ($4500/pair), Parasound and Tekton were getting surprisingly good sound. The small system lineup was headed by the new Parasound Classic 200 Integrated ($1195), which includes an all-analog signal path, analog bass management with high and low pass outputs, a DAC whose circuitry is, in the company’s words, “pulled directly out of the award-wining Halo P-5,” and far more goodies than you might expect at this price point. Yes, switching to the larger system, with Parasound’s Halo JC 5 amplifier ($5995), JC 2 BP preamplifier ($4495), JC 3 Jr. phono preamplifier ($1495), and more produced fuller sound, with weightier and more midrange-equipped images, but the basic sonic signature of both systems was consistent and extremely pleasing. A discontinued Oppo disc player (model not given), BlueSound wireless streamer ($600), and Straight Wire cabling ($850 total) helped complete the picture.

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