What's New On Netflix: June 2023

HOLLYWOOD, CA — Throughout June, Netflix is lending a warm welcome to summertime with sun-kissed new offerings of dazzling movies and TV shows for your streaming pleasure.

Looking for an action-thriller to watch on Father’s Day? Look no further than “Extraction 2,” in which Chris Hemsworth returns to his role as Tyler Rake. This time around, the mercenary will face his deadliest and riskiest mission yet.

And if you’re looking for a rom-com, “The Perfect Find” is set to make your hearts flutter when a fashion editor (Gabrielle Union) falls for a charming young man (Keith Powers).

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Fans of “Never Have I Ever” are also in for a treat as Mindy Kaling’s beloved coming-of-age series returns for its fourth and final season.

Netflix also welcomes the return of other popular series, including “The Witcher,” “Is It Cake, Too?” and “Human Resources.”

Find out what's happening in Hollywoodwith free, real-time updates from Patch.

Finally, favorite movie gems are also available this month for your viewing pleasure, such as “The Breakfast Club,” “The Angry Birds Movie,” “Terminator 2: Judgment Day,” and the entire collection of the “Spider-Man” movie franchise.

Check out the full list of Netflix’s new releases for June 2023 below.

What’s New To Netflix In June 2023

Available June 1

Available June 2

Available June 5

Available June 6

Available June 7

Available June 8

Available June 9

Available June 12

Available June 13

Available June 14

Available June 15

Available June 16

Available June 17

Available June 19

Available June 20

Available June 21

Available June 22

Available June 23

Available June 26

Available June 28

Available June 29

Available June 30

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