nZo Responds to Tonga’s Challenge

– As previously reported, Tama Tonga issued a challenge to nZo (formerly Enzo Amore) to match where the proceeds would be donated to a charity chosen by the fans. nZo released a new video today on YouTube responding to Tama Tonga’s challenge. During the video, nZo stated that at one point he was offered $25,000 for a match with Tama Tonga.
Based on his statements in the video, it appears nZo is open to match with Tama Tonga, but he wants it on his terms and his platform and won’t do it at Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport III, which Barnett offered as a platform to feature the matchup. You can check out that clip and some highlights below.
“I wouldn’t let you or the boisterous marks on Twitter that account for 10 percent of an entire wrestling population of fans dictate the terms to a match between you and I. That dictatorship you’re stuck in must got to your f***ing head. Trigger fingers turn to Twitter fingers for real! I mean, you recently tweeted about a compliance lecture you received from New Japan, and I quote, ‘To be a good guy, to do good, to be good, to now be known as the good guy, Tama Tonga.’ Bro, are you s***ting me? Can we pause for one second. Hold that. Can you just imagine for one second another man trying to lecture me? Bro, man, I remember Monday nights. OK, Vince. Hold my phone. Dude, Tama, you are as smooth as a side street in Harlem. OK? You try to trap me, put me in a corner, make me look like a bad guy? Dude, I’m on the corner, and I am the trap, and I ain’t selling for you and I don’t work for nobody!”
“You and I both know I got offered $25 grand for this match, and I turned it down. Now, you wanna turn around and give the bag to charity? Well, touche, bro. If you Google ‘Real One,’ my face pops up! I’m the realest guy in the room and that ain’t a work, it’s a shoot! So Josh Barnett, thank you so much for offering me your platform at Bloodsport, maybe for a more worthy opponent. But we talking about practice. We talking about practice. We talking about Tama Tonga. Tampon tango. If we’re really gonna do this thing for charity, OK, it won’t be on anyone’s platform. I’m a G, and that’s why I got booked at MSG trending No. 1 in the world over Bret Hart, the WWE Hall of Fame, the G1 Classic, Ring of Honor, you. Bro, what we f***ing talking about? March Madness. Dude, I just called the venue directly, that you’re going to be at on April 2. They’re going to give my brand a ring, a venue, a referee, tickets, and any money that I raise is going towards depression and suicide prevention. But make no mistake about it, the biggest charity I’m doing here is for Haku. Doing something that nobody else could do for him, and that’s make one of his sons famous. You mark ass b****! How you doin’?!”Click Here: rose toy sucking

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