AEW Dark Results Jan 21, 2020

AEW Dark Results
Jan 21, 2020
Commentators: Excalibur and Tazz
(Please note I don’t watch AEW Dark much, my report may not be as detailed as regular AEW Dark Reports)
We are welcomed by Tony Schiavane and Dasha Gonzalez.. They talk about upcoming matches, women’s action and Jurrasic Express Vs Strong Hearts in Tag Team Action.
Womens Division Singles Match w/20 Minute Time Limit
Diamante Vs Big Swole
Referee: Aubrey Edwards
Tie up in the ring, rollup attempt by Swole for a two, Crucifix roll up by Swole for a two count. Go behind side headlock by Big Swole, Swole escapes head lock. Swole takes down Diamante, pump kick blocked. Diamante brought back into the ring but guillotine drop by Diamante on the rope to break hold, Diamante choking Swole in the ropes. Diamante with an attempt suplex but blocked but reversed into two snap suplexes. Toe kick blocked by Diamante,  Takedown by hair by Diamante on Swole. Kicks to Swole in the corner, back elbow in the corner. Boot by Swole to break out the corner, German Suplex on Swole, corner dropkick by Diamante for a two count,
Diamante grabs a shoe and puts it in her trunks, then goes in ring with another one, referee spots it and takes it away and then Swole grabs second one and is caught but chops break it, knee strike on Diamante, lariant takedown by Swole, punches to mid section of Swole, headbutt to Diamante, Dirty Dancer Punch by Big Swole for the win.
Winner via Pinfall Big Swole
Tony and Dasha talk about where AEW is coming in the next few weeks.
6 Man Tag Team Match w/20 Minute Time Limit
Strong Hearts – CIMA, T-Hawk and Lindaman Vs Jurassic Express – Luchasaurus, Marko Stunt and Jungle Boy
Referee: Mike Posey
T-Hawk and Jungle Boy start match and Hawk with chops in the corner, hip toss by Jungle Boy, single leg drop kick by Jungle Boy, chops exchanged between the two, Marko Stunt tagged in himself and Lindaman tagged in. Marko tries a shoulder tackle but no effect, leap frog moves exchanged, Marko with Tiarus Drop for a two, Marko with a corner roll up for a two. CIMA tagged in, Luchasaurus tagged in and kicks to CIMA and a back elbow to escape, kick attempt by CIMA but Pump Kick to CIMA and Lindaman, Jungle Boy tagged in and used for a double team. Roll through arm drag, Taupe Suicita by Jungle Boy or Lindaman and CIMA and then Lucha press slams Marko Stunt onto superstars on the outside. Marko dropped by CIMA, T-Hawk tagged in and Triple Team dropkick on Stunt, chop by T-Hawk on Stunt and roll through screw lock, Lindaman takes out Jungle Boy, Stunt in a swing leg lock. Stunt gets to the rope. Stunt with forearms to T-Hawk, rising knee strike to Stunt and takedown powerbomb, running bulldog on Marko Stunt, Pendulum power bomb combination on Stunt by Strong Hearts.
Marko trying to break hold and roll through and Lucha tagged in and he kicks all three and takes them down. CIMA on shoulders of Lucha and dropped on Lindaman, Chokeslam on Lindaman and standing moonsault for a two count by Luchasaurus. Jungle Boy tagged in and Gory Bomb and dropkick by Lucha for a two. Stunt sends T-Hawk to the outside, CIMA sends Marko to outside, CIMA with a Taupe Suicita on Marko Stunt, Hurricanrana roll up by Jungle Boy for a two count,  Powerbomb by Luchasaurus on T-Hawk into powerbomb drop for the win.
Winners via Pinfall Jurassic Express – Luchasaurus, Marko Stunt and Jungle Boy
Dasha and Tony talk about Dynamite tomorrow
End of Show
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