NXT Women’s title now referred as NXT Championship as well

It looks like WWE took one giant step towards equality, at least within NXT, as the promotion has dropped the specific gender when addressing their female champion.
Just 24 hours after Becky Lynch suggested on Backstage that using “women” is somewhat still holding them back on being on par with their male counterparts, NXT is now referring to their women’s champion as the NXT champion.
The change was pretty evident on television when Mauro Ranallo referred to Rhea Ripley simply as the NXT champion multiple times yesterday and the WWE.COM review of the NXT show also refers to Ripley as the NXT champion. The company does not refer to the males as “men’s champions” and the distinction was only done when it came to the women.
Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com adds to the story that WWE issued an internal decree that moving forward, the NXT Women’s title will be referred to as the NXT Championship.
So far, on the WWE.COM page showcasing all the champions, the women are still listed as women’s champions.Click Here: cheap nsw blues jersey

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