WWE Executives Met With WBD This Week About Potential Raw Deal

As previously reported, WWE wants to get close to $400 million in rights fees per year for Monday Night Raw, with its TV deal with the USA Network expiring in the fall of 2024. 


A month ago, WWE shopped Raw around to networks such as Amazon Prime, Warner Bros. Discovery, and Disney’s FX.  It was said that while talks with WBD seemed to be dead, they’re not, especially with CM Punk back in WWE, as WWE had a meeting with WBD a month ago. 

The belief Punk opened up what may have been a shut door. The NBA’s TV deal has had a lingering effect on AEW and WWE talks with networks about media rights fees. 

According to Pwinsider, TKO’s Marc Shapiro, Khan, and Triple H went to New York City this past Monday morning for a long meeting that lasted several hours at Warner Bros. Discovery headquarters with WBD executive Bruce Campbell about Raw’s media rights.

There are still other suitors for Raw. AEW has a TV deal with WBD through the end of 2024.

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