WWE Co-President George Barrios Talks About New Company TV Deals (Video)

WWE Co-President George Barrios recently spoke with the folks from CNBC’s The Closing Bell to talk about WWE business.

Barrios spoke about the new WWE television deals for RAW and SmackDown Live, claiming WWE is “on a tear” right now.

“We’ve been on a tear for a while executing our digital strategy, our direct-to-consumer strategy, growing the global business,” Barrios said. “But certainly the deals we signed with Fox and with USA that we announced about a month ago have been transformational for us.”

Barrios continued by saying, “We’ve been at it for 10 years.” He added that, “We decided to err on going all in. At the end of the day we set the strategy, put the resources in place, worked like crazy, and that’s where we are today.”

Check out the complete George Barrios interview at CNBC.com.

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