Wrestlers Compete At 2-Day Rumble At The Ballpark Tournament In Maine

SANFORD, ME — High school and junior high school wrestlers from around New England participated in two days of bouts in Maine this weekend.

The 7th Rumble At The Ballpark, inside a domed baseball practice space, was held on Saturday and Sunday in Sandford, ME. High school wrestlers participated on Saturday, while middle schoolers and others battled it out on Sunday. The event was an honor weigh-in process with a challenge scale, with wrestlers needing to be within 4 pounds of their allotted weight division. There was also a $25 fee for challenging a wrestler’s weight.

Wrestlers from Concord, Manchester, Smitty’s Barn, the Doughboys, and other clubs and schools participated. Most participants, their parents, and coaches appeared to be having a good time.

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Only results from Concord for the Saturday matches were available at post time: Isaiah Puckett, in the 215-pound division, placed second; Maximus Chung went 2-1 in the 160-pound division; Jeremy Richard was second in the 152-pound division while Jaxon Carter placed third. Leonardo Chung was 3-1 in that division while Dominic Schinella was second in the 138-pound division.

Other wrestlers included Aiyden Johnson, Tavin Bland, Owen Vigue, Brannock Gagnon, Maddows Boudreau, and Parker Parent in the 106. Quincy Nesbitt, Austin Vinton, Tristen McGilvery, and Brock Nice in the 120. Isaiah Phillips, Jack Van Gieson, and Savannah Thyng in the 126. Dominick Turner, Kylee Hunt, Jordyn Theroux, Noah Parenteau, Jovin Pesek, and Nicolas Hebert in the 132. Jayden Deal, Josh Wood, and Michael Goodwin in the 145. Kaleb Miner, Mario Real, Gabel Smith, Luke Callis, and Ryker Evans as well as Joseph Rishani, Connor Pickering, Matthew Ferrero, and Cameron Dennis in the 152 category. Spencer LeClair, Zac Richard, and Chris Silsby in the 157. Riley Malloy, Cody Bubier, and Logan Holmes as well as Ricky Callis, Max Tallada, and Cameron Gerardi in the 160. Dakota Hammer, Reilly Turner-Watts, Sawyer Goodwin, and Jake Anderson in the 172. Ben Thimas and Owen Gaudette in the 215. Robyn Carter, Wesley Chesser, Brody Finnan, and Hunter Ferland in the 285. Ethan Gorden and Connor Nelson as well as Leo Amabile and Mason Van Gieson wrestled in the post-high school open weight category.

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Moriarty Electric sponsored the event.

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