WOR Video: Mercedes Mone, others injured

Mercedes Mone, among others, are currently dealing with injuries.

On Monday’s Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave and Bryan discussed Mercedes Mone’s injury during the main event of NJPW Resurgence on Sunday. Mone had attempted to do a code red off the top rope, but instead crashed to the floor, breaking her ankle. She then went into the ring, where opponent Willow Nightingale gave Mone two doctor bombs to pin Mone and become the first Strong Women’s Champion.

“Obviously Mercedes was supposed to win the championship,” Meltzer said. “I can’t say one hundred percent, but when I was told about [the tournament], which was before it happened, I was told she was winning the tournament. You can tell the ref was just freaked out.”

With Nightingale’s win, Meltzer argued that this could be what AEW needs in order to really get going on Nightingale.

“AEW kinda got handed something with Willow winning this match and beating Mercedes and everything, and should really capitalize on it ASAP rather than just letting it fall through,” he said.

Other injuries were also talked about including Liv Morgan suffering a shoulder injury that may require surgery, Dakota Kai with an unknown injury, Mark Davis of Aussie Open suffering an injury that forced Aussie Open to vacate both the IWGP and Strong Tag Team titles, and Taiji Ishimori suffering an injury to his cervical vertebra that has caused him to pull out of the Best of the Super Juniors tournament.

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