WATCH: Good Samaritans Rescue Woman From Burning Car

GARDEN CITY PARK, NY — Three men were in the right place at the right time to save a woman from her burning vehicle in Garden City Park.

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Good Samitarians Jeff Jijy, Bryan Lo and Justin Murillo are guests on this week’s “Patch Spotlight” to discuss the split-second decisions that were made.

The friends were enjoying an earlier Thanksgiving get-together when they heard a crash during the overnight hours.

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“Immediately we saw the skid marks and busted-up trees,” Murillo said.

In the early moments following the crash, no one was attending to the car, which had flames shooting out of it.

Find out what's happening in Garden Citywith free, real-time updates from Patch.

“Thankfully, we were there to pull her out,” Murillo said.

The trio of friends worked as a group to save the victim from her damaged Tesla.

“Bryan started calling the authorities. Justin and I went to check on the driver,” Jijy said.

When Murillo was unable to extricate the confused driver by himself, Jijy helped bring her to safety.

“I saw the grey smoke get more intensified and at that moment we realized we didn’t have much time left to pull her out,” Jijy said.

With one person grabbing her arms and the other taking hold of her legs, she was freed from the vehicle.

Of the three men, Lo is the only one who works in the medical field, an EMT, who assessed her condition before first responders arrived.

“She was going in and out of consciousness,” Lo said. “She also had a left abrasion. There was no apparent major bleeding.”

As he evaluated the woman, “the entire car, at that moment, caught on fire.”

Watch the full “Patch Spotlight” interview below.

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