Triode Japan

Triode Japan premiered two products at High End Munich: the Triode Evolution Pre Preamplifier and the Triode Evolution Musashi Integrated Amplifier ($10,830). The latter runs in class AB in a push-pull configuration, outputting 100Wpc into 8 ohms. It uses four KT 150 and four 12AU7 tubes for its power and pre stages, respectively.

A Cyrus TTP turntable ($5495), Grimm M2 DAC/streamer ($17,450), Triode TRX-EQ7 phono stage ($1070), Triode TRV-CD6SE CD player (€4990), Peak Consult Sinfonia speakers ($55,000/pair), and Inakustik Referenz Air cables completed the system.

It was that time in the show when my head grew heavy and my sight grew dim—yes, it was time to stop for the night. But not before the Triode Japan system fooled me into thinking a compact disc of Miles Davis’s Miles Ahead was a vinyl LP, so hardy and proficient were the assembled components.

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