Tony Khan, while wearing neck brace, says AEW is like Pepsi and WWE is “like the Harvey Weinstein of pro wrestling” during awkward NFL Network promo


Tony Khan appeared on NFL Network with a neck brace and discussed being the target of an attack by The Young Bucks, Kazuchika Okada, and Jack Perry. When the hosts said he took a Meltzer Driver, Khan said the Bucks changed the name months ago to the Tony Khan Driver. “Maybe I should have seen it coming, in hindsight,” he said. He said he has a complicated relationship with the Bucks and Jack Perry.

Regarding Perry, he said he “sent him on excursion to Japan where he did great things.” He said he reinstated him by his own request, and Perry “repaid me by hitting me in the stomach with the microphone.” He said the spike piledriver is one of the deadliest moves in pro wrestling. He said it’s illegal in the state of Tennessee. He said it scared him and his family and he feels lucky he’s there at the NFL Draft.

The hosts talked about his dad, Shad Khan, had come to the ring. TK said his dad loves AEW and he was upset with what they did to him. TK snuck in a plug for Dynamite and Collision. He said they are the most successful sports start-up since the AFL. “There has not been a challenger brand that has gained as much market share as AEW in many many many years. We are like the Pepsi of pro wrestling and we are up against a real evil juggernaut. WWE is our competitor. That’s who we’re facing. AEW is like the Pepsi of pro wrestling and WWE is like the Harvey Weinstein of pro wrestling.”

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The hosts appeared startled and stunned by TK’s referencing Weinstein and laughed and interrupted him. They asked what doctors are telling him. He said you’d have to tune in to AEW to find out. A host said they wanted to know who the Jaguars are taking. TK said he can’t give out that information and a lot has to play out before their pick.

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