Rey Mysterio Reportedly Still in Negotiations to Return to WWE

— Over the weekend, news broke that Rey Mysterio had signed a deal with Aro Lucha, a wrestling promotion based out of Nashville, TN as both an in-ring talent and an off-screen owner. This then led many to assume that any deal or appearance with WWE in the future was off the table, however, Dave Meltzer on the recent Wrestling Observer Radio stated that is not the case and that the report of Mysterio joining Aro Lucha was blown out proportion.

— According to Meltzer, Mysterio remains in negotiations with WWE while still working for Aro Lucha. All he’s committed to working is the upcoming tapings for them and it is unknown if he will stay with them or become an owner but as of now, he is not an owner. Meltzer cautioned that while Mysterio could still decide not to sign with WWE, it does not change the situation that he remains in talks with them.

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