Pre-Trial Immunity Hearing For Darius Miles To Resume Sept. 29

TUSCALOOSA, AL — Tuscaloosa County Circuit Court Judge Daniel Pruet has officially set Sept. 29 as the date for the pre-trial immunity hearing to resume for former Alabama basketball player and capital murder suspect Darius Miles.

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The decision comes after two long days of testimony from more than half a dozen witnesses speaking about the case, which saw Miles and his childhood friend Michael Lynn Davis both charged with capital murder in the Jan. 15 shooting death of Jamea Harris on Grace Street near The Strip.

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Miles is accused of knowingly providing the legally owned handgun to Davis, who later used it in a shootout with Harris’ boyfriend Cedric Johnson just before 2 a.m. that morning.

Davis was shot twice during the incident and many questions persist as to who was truly acting in self-defense that morning.

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The capital murder cases for Davis and Miles are being tried separately and the defense attorneys for Miles have insisted for months that their client provided the weapon to Davis because he saw Harris hand a pistol to Johnson inside the Jeep minutes earlier during a brief verbal altercation on The Strip.

One major development to come out of the case this week was news that the state would not seek the death penalty for Miles, but he remains behind bars and denied bond in the Tuscaloosa County Jail.

As for an immunity hearing for Miles, these hearings allow a judge to rule on aspects of self-defense in certain cases if the evidence is conclusive enough. This is to save both time and money for a lengthy trial if enough evidence is available to make a definitive ruling. Otherwise, the case is sent to a jury trial.

Still, as Patch previously reported, multiple witnesses took the stand on Monday during the first day of the hearing, which saw discussions mainly focus on video footage being admitted as evidence.

What’s more, witness Shu’Bonte Greene, who had not shown up to testify in court after being served a subpoena for the immunity hearing, testified on Tuesday after Judge Pruet issued a bench warrant for his arrest for failure to comply.

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Greene — who was considered a hostile witness when he took the stand — was alleged to be the driver of a red Impala shown in security footage that meets up in the parking lot of an apartment complex near Grace Street with the Jeep driven by Cedric Johnson. At this point, Harris is in the front passenger seat, while her cousin, Asia Humphrey is in the back seat.

On Tuesday, Greene acknowledged past gang ties for himself and Johnson, but said both of them became disillusioned with the gang and quit the group shortly after joining.

However, Greene insisted that he never saw Johnson with any kind of weapon and denied claims by defense attorney Mary Turner that one of the passengers in his Impala grabbed a shotgun out of the trunk of the car in the moments prior of the shooting.

When asked about his extensive criminal record by Turner, Greene admitted he had been in trouble in the past, but never for murder.

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“I ain’t no suspect,” he said Tuesday. “I didn’t do nothing.”

Cedric Johnson has not been served a subpoena to testify during the immunity hearing, despite extensive efforts by the Turner Law Group and its contracted private investigations firm.

At the conclusion of Tuesday’s hearing, Judge Pruet ultimately ruled to continue the hearing at a later date due to issues with witnesses and timing, setting the date for Sept. 29 at 10 a.m.

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