New Chicken Sandwich Shop Moves Closer To Opening In Wrightstown

WRIGHTSTOWN, PA — In just a matter of weeks, locals will be enjoying Skip’s famous Lancaster County fried chicken sandwiches, tenders, and loaded fries right here in Bucks County.

With renovations wrapping up, the area’s newest eatery – Skip’s Wrightstown – continues to take shape inside the former Wrightstown Country Store building at Route 413 and Penns Park Road.

This will be Skip’s first brick-and-mortar store, having operated only as a food truck service in Lancaster County up to this point.

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“Construction has been moving along,” reports Wycombe resident Dan Cruz who is partnering with his brother, Jeremy, to bring the eatery to Wrightstown. “We hired a general manager and we are interviewing other shift managers and cooks. We are also interviewing all other staff.

“We are still hoping to open around (July) 20th but there are a lot of moving parts that would have to be in place before then. We are really pushing hard,” reports Cruz.

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Over the past few months, the former country store has been gutted and completely renovated into two new storefront spaces. Skip’s is taking the smaller space for its sandwich shop. The other half of the building will house Herbal Healers Wellness Dispensary, an organic herbal supplement store.

The newly-renovated former Wrightstown Country Store building. Skip’s will be opening later this month in the storefront space located on the right. (Dan Cruz)

Dan and Jeremy inked a deal earlier this year with Skip and Marcus Stoltzfus to bring the popular chicken sandwiches to Bucks County. Skip and Marcus own and operate Skip’s Food Truck, which has built a large following at events throughout Lancaster County.

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“I had a taste of his chicken sandwich and it was the best chicken sandwich I had eaten,” said Dan, who met Skip last year at the New Holland Fair. “That chicken sandwich is so good. The first time I had it it was like I need more of this in my life.”

Always looking for the next best thing in business, he eventually persuaded Skip to join him on a venture to use his name and to sell his food at a brick-and-mortar store in Bucks County.

“We’re going to have breakfast sandwiches in the morning – your typical sausage, egg and cheese, bacon, egg and cheese and pork roll, egg and cheese. And then one week a month, we’ll be doing a scrapple sandwich,” said Dan. “Those will all be served on a brioche bun. And the eggs and the meat for that will be sourced right from Rush Valley Farm on Penns Park. We’re purchasing all of our eggs and meats from them.

A peek inside the future home of Skip’s Wrightstown. (Dan Cruz)

“We’re also partnering up with Calm Waters Coffee in Newtown. We’re going to be offering their coffee to make it really local,” he said.

The lunch and dinner side of the takeout-only eatery will feature the fried chicken sandwich with cole slaw, pickles, and a special sauce. Each chicken sandwich will be cooked to order using one of five different heats (spice levels) – no heat, low heat, medium, high and ghost heat.

The sandwich, he said, uses a chicken breast, which is fully tenderized and marinated to make it tender and juicy.

“Skip took a year to develop the recipe trying different seasonings and processes to perfect it. It’s got an awesome crunch to it and a great flavor throughout the whole thing,” said Dan. “It’s juicy inside and really tender. It’s just a winning recipe.”

The sandwich and the food truck have developed a large following in Lancaster, he said. “It’s been voted Lancaster’s best food truck and Lancaster’s best chicken sandwich. So we will be bringing Lancaster’s best chicken sandwich to Bucks County.”

The menu will also include chicken tenders, fries and loaded fries, oriental salad, dipping sauces, waffle fries (seasoned and fried), and choice of drinks.

The location is perfect, said Dan, who entered into a lease agreement with building owner Tom Coates to use one side of the former country store for the takeout operation.

The property has sat vacant since January 2020 at the busy corner of Route 413 and Penns Park Road. Several previous attempts to acquire the former store and close on the property never materialized, including one that would have reopened the country store in 2022.

Coates, who owns the Transcend Fitness Club just down the road at 591 Durham Road, said he decided to look into purchasing the property after driving by it every day and wondering why it wasn’t being brought back to life.

In early April, the Wrightstown Township Board of Supervisors granted Coates conditional use to redevelop the former country store property, which includes two commercial storefronts facing Route 413 and a tenant house in the back.

“Having a little food spot right there seemed like the perfect location. The Middletown Grange Fair is right there. Baseball games are happening there. There’s the farmers market that happens on the weekend,” said Dan. “The spot just seems like the perfect location for us to bring something back to the town and have a little spot for people to be able to stop for breakfast, lunch and dinner.”

The brothers grew up in Falls Township and both graduated from Pennsbury High School. Together they own several businesses including an accounting and bookkeeping business, a roofing and siding company, a finance company, a house flipping company and a root beer float and milk shake food truck.

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