Naito returning to in-ring action for World Tag League


Tetsuya Naito is returning to in-ring action sooner than expected after suffering a knee injury in September.

At a press conference held in Japan today, Naito appeared and announced he was returning to in ring action for World Tag League, which begins on Nov. 14.

Naito injured his knee during his match against Zack Sabre Jr. on the first night of G1 Climax. Naito lost the match and had to foreit the rest of his matches in the tournament.

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Naito mentioned that he feared he had torn ligaments and was mentally preparing for a year on the shelf due to the  injury, but that when he went to the hospital, there was no ligament damage. “I’ve torn ligaments in my knee twice before, and I know that with severe ligament damage, you tend to need surgery that can put you on the shelf for a year,” said Naito. “That’s what I was preparing myself mentally for as I went to the hospital, but thankfully there was no ligament damage, and no need for surgery. It was a painful injury, and I needed time to heal, but on November 14, in Korakuen Hall on the first night of World Tag League, I will be back. My partner? Of course, Sanada. I messaged Sanada yesterday, and all I got in response was a thumbs up emoji. That’s pretty on brand, right?”

Naito also said that he wasn’t rushing back to the ring by returning to action on Nov. 14. “There’s one thing I want to say to everyone, and one thing I want to make sure we’re all clear on,” said Naito. “I am not rushing back to the ring. Please be assured on that front.”

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