Metuchen Breaks Ground On Gulton Property For Apartments, Open Space

METUCHEN, NJ — On Wednesday, Metuchen broke ground on the 22-acre Gulton property located on Durham Avenue.

The site was the location of a dilapidated warehouse on contaminated ground.

Construction will now begin on “The Kempson” an environmentally-friendly upscale apartment community.

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The project will also add more acreage and unrestricted access to the Peter J Barnes III Wildlife Preserve.

“In the place of rusty, dilapidated industrial warehouses, Metuchen and Middlesex County are developing and improving what will be the largest park in the Borough – a 32-acre section of the Peter J. Barnes III Wildlife Preserve that will mark a significant enhancement of our County’s already robust system of parks and recreation,” Mayor Jonathan M Busch said.

Find out what's happening in Edison-Metuchenwith free, real-time updates from Patch.

The project has been made possible by the construction of The Kempson.

Most people in Metuchen are unaware that this space exists, Busch said.

In less than two years, residents will have an expansive open park space where they can walk, hike, bike, and explore.

The Preserve will feature boardwalk trails, a footbridge over the brook, a bird-watching tower, and interpretive signage that highlights the natural beauty and historical significance of this area.

The space will also feature a public entrance, parking area with bike racks, and a future extension of the Middlesex County Greenway.

Busch said the project was made possible through a private-public partnership.

“For decades, Borough officials worked with the property’s owners in an attempt to transform this space. The large industrial warehouses that stood here and their associated environmental contamination obstructed our access to the preserve,” Busch said.

“But today’s path was ultimately forged by some extraordinarily creative planning by Borough and County officials and significant private investment by Metuchen Realty Acquisitions and Klein Enterprises.”

Around $10 million was invested in environmental remediation for this property and 3,000 native species trees were planted.

Metuchen will be receiving $20 million over the next few decades for investment in essential infrastructure, like emergency services centers, school buildings, and other park and recreation projects, Busch said.

“Our partnership stands as a testament to the benefits we can provide to our community when we work together – preserving our environment, enhancing our quality of life, and ensuring that Metuchen remains a vibrant and welcoming place for all.”

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