Matt Hardy Addresses Recent Jim Cornette Controversy

There was a back-and-forth between Matt Hardy and Jim Cornette last week after Hardy praised The Elite’s match against The Dark Order on a recent AEW Rampage episode. For more on that, click here. 


On his own podcast, The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, the AEW star addressed the exchange: 

“Even if you have an issue or a problem with someone, there is a way to address those things without insulting them or biting their head off. That’s what’s very important and that’s, obviously, what kind of started this instance this week with me. I don’t wanna be a podcast that says negative things about people. Like, I don’t wanna be a podcast that wishes injury upon other wrestlers that I don’t like, or bad things upon wrestlers that I don’t like. I want to be a positive, productive, inspirational podcast.”

Hardy’s problem with Cornette dates back to three years ago at Double, or Nothing 2020 with the Stadium Stampede match as Cornette ripped the match at the time, something Hardy brought up:

“We did that Stadium Stampede over the course of the night before, and they edited it all morning and they worked on it. Jim Cornette had the audacity to say ‘because Matt Hardy and Chris Jericho were involved in the Stadium Stampede match I can no longer be their friend. Interesting, I can no longer be their friend because they’re in a wrestling match. I’m their friend and I like them as human beings and I thought they both had potential and I wanted to see them excel and do well in pro wrestling, but now because they’re doing a pro wrestling match that isn’t my cup of tea I can no longer be friends with them. Is this real life? Who says that? Who thinks like that?”

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