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Legacy Audio of Springfield, Illinois featured not one but three systems at AXPONA including three show debuts.

I’m an old school, analog, tube-loving, horn-speaker–espousing kind of guy. I’m not against, but I’m largely uninterested in, most new technologies. But when I sit in front of a streaming, active, class-D powered, DSP-enabled Legacy system, I never fail to relax. To feel engaged, alive. And charmed. I don’t want to get up. I don’t want to leave. I don’t know why Legacy founder and president Bill Dudleston’s systems sound so good and make me feel so good, but they always do.

The three AXPONA Legacy systems:

System 1

Flagship Legacy VALOR speaker system ($92,000/pair), 2750Wpc ICEpower® amplification and Wavelet II DAC/Preamp/Crossover unit with Omnio technology. Two Legacy i.V1 ULTRA Monobloc Amplifiers ($4450 each), 1125Wpc into 8 ohms, 1600Wpc into 4 ohms. Lumin U2 Mini Transport Streamer ($2400 each).

System 2

Legacy Focus XD speaker system ($15,200/pair); active, powered with 750Wpc ICEpower® amplification, Featuring new 7” graphene-filled, carbon-fiber midrange cone, computer optimized copper phase-plug and shorting ring.

AXPONA debut Legacy Marquis XD center channel speaker ($5850/each).

AXPONA debut Legacy Goliath XD Super Sub ($10,945/each). Dual 15” Ultra subwoofers powered by two kilowatts and pneumatically coupled dual 15” passive radiators.

Legacy Wavelet II DAC/Preamp/Crossover/Correction unit ($7,950/each), Legacy Wavelaunch Processor ($1850), Legacy Powerbloc4 Amplifier ($3575), Legacy I.V2 Amplifier ($3850), Lumin D3 DAC & Network Music Player ($2600).

System 3

AXPONA debut Legacy Aeris XD loudspeaker system ($23,400/pair), dual 750Wpc amplifiers built into each tower, total of 1500Wpc bass amplification per side.

Legacy Studio HD Bookshelf speakers ($2400/pair).

Legacy i.V4 Amplifier ($6050/pair), Lumin U2 Mini Transport Streamer ($2400).

“The Lark Ascending,” with Hugh Bean on violin and the New Philharmonia Orchestra conducted by Sir Adrian Boult, was transformative: deeply affecting with immaculate purity of line. Massed strings were beautifully defined. Music was immersive, emotionally impactful. Respect.

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