LA Knight in for a big push, but management and colleagues are on guard that his backstage attitude could shorten his push


LA Knight, despite not winning the Fatal Four-way match on Smackdown last night, is in a for a big push later this summer and fall.

PWTorch sources indicate Vince McMahon has grown to be a fan of his, and Paul Levesque already was. Last year, when McMahon had decided to end his role at Max Dupri and replace him with his storyline sister Maxxine in the Maximum Male Models faction, Paul Levesque soon took over creative control after McMahon resigned. Levesque quickly rechristened him as LA Knight, the act Levesque oversaw in NXT.


Knight has a long-running reputation for rubbing people the wrong way behind the scenes and just being “bad at a backstage politics.” Those who know him well tend to like him and some of them have spoken up on his behalf when Knight gives a bad first impression.

Knight’s surging crowd reactions and social media popularity have landed him on the radar of Levesque and McMahon as being a candidate for a big push after Summerslam, PWTorch sources indicate.

By all indications, despite his average or below-average work in the ring that isn’t at the level of most WWE main eventers, he’s on course to get a push at a high level in spite of that because he has a special X-factor and connection with the crowd that hasn’t gone unnoticed by anyone.

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If his push isn’t sustained, even if crowds still like him, it’ll likely be because he mishandled himself backstage in a way that caused him lose the support of key people who can influence his push.

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