Jim Ross: Whose Idea It Was For Him To Call Undertaker Match, Triple H's Abilities

Fans welcomed back long-time WWE announcer Jim Ross with a standing ovation for his return to the company at WrestleMania 33, where Roll called The Undertaker’s retirement match. Ross recently took part in an interview on the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast where he revealed that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon made the call to bring J.R. back for the big match.

“Vince McMahon’s idea was to bring me back,” Ross said. “It was Vince’s idea to call the Undertaker match.”

“I was under the impression that Undertaker had suggested I call the match when he heard that I might come back,” he continued. “Kevin Dunn was crucial in the negotiations. For years McMahon would say to me and Kevin Dunn that we were his Number 1 and Number 2 guy. It’s all about talent and television, or television and talent. Vince will always say that the two elements of his company to become successful are television and talent.”

Ross also discussed Triple H, who is now more influential inside WWE than ever. Ross talked about The Game’s transition from talent to management.

“I gave him the nickname of the ‘Cerebral Assassin’ because it fit his character as a wrestling heel, and a smart, cagey, kind of a deadly planner, or strategist that has the physical skills to be very dangerous,” Ross said. “Hence, the Cerebral Assassin came about once while he was coming down the entrance on TV. Vince loved it, and Triple H has obviously embraced it, and it became his calling card.”

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Ross adds that sometimes the members of D-X could be a handful to deal with behind-the-scenes, but Triple H was always the go-to guy because of his communication skills.

“We knew he was going to be a good leader; he had a good vision, a good feel, and could always add things to any scenario to make it better,” he said. “Here is the key thing; he had the ability to look at other people’s storyline and angles and make viable suggestions to make what they were doing better. Most top guys had the ability to do it themselves, but they’re not as forthcoming to do it for others to get them over because of the paranoia, anxiety and insecurities that people have in those regards. People feel as though they cannot acknowledge their competition.”

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