Jade Cargill touts Tony Khan as a boss and AEW as an organization, values being a role model


Jade Cargill complimented Tony Khan as a “phenomenal boss” who is responsive. “I can literally hit him up now and he will probably hit me back up in three minutes,” she told Women’s Wrestling Talk. “And this is a man who owns four companies, like a professional soccer team, Jacksonville Jaguars, he’s busy, he literally comes to every show”

She said she is happy being part of AEW because of Khan. “He is so passionate,” she said. “He loves our company, you know, there’s no other place I would want to be. He doesn’t look at me as a number. He looks at me like a human being. And he knows my journey and he understands my purpose in the wrestling community and what I want to achieve, and I don’t think you can beat that.”

Jade said she values being a role model as a black champion in pro wrestling. “It means it’s the world,” she said. “I’m here to inspire little girls and little boys that they can do any and everything. I’m the example and I want them to do nothing but be great and be that much better than me.”

She said she has great fans it’s not surprise they want her back. “There’s nothing that’s gonna stop me from becoming nothing but a household name and a great,” she said. “So it feels phenomenal that our fans want me back. I mean, why wouldn’t they? Who else is like Jade Cargill? Nobody.”

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