‘I’ve still got it’ – Button breaks world reflex record!

Jenson Button has been awarded with a Guinness World Record certificate after breaking the record for ‘the most lights extinguished on a Batak Wall in 30 seconds’!

All Formula 1 fans are familiar with the Batak Wall, as the highly entertaining device is an integral part of a racing driver’s fitness regime.

Testing one’s hand eye coordination and stamina with the competitive and adrenaline-fueled light board consists in striking randomly lit buttons in the shortest time possible.

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And speaking of buttons, one Jenson Button – F1 world champion in 2009 – was challenged by streaming service NOW to break a record held for four years by Arshia Shahriari from Iran, who scored 56 strikes in 30 seconds.

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How did Button fare? Well, the former McLaren driver went two better to rack up 58 strikes in 30 seconds!

“Always nice to add a new trophy to the collection – and an official Guinness World Record at that,” said the Briton.

“I set my unofficial record in my 20s so it’s great to see that I’ve still got it, 20 years later!”

Joanne Brent, official adjudicator for Guinness World Records, said that beating the Batak Wall record was no small feat for Button.

“I’ve seen countless record attempts but Jenson Button’s achievement in extinguishing 58 Batak lights in 30 seconds was very impressive,” she said.

“Breaking this record requires not only lightning-fast reaction times but also the ability to maintain focus and rely on peripheral vision, as Jenson demonstrated.

“It’s a testament to his skill as a race driver and a reminder that breaking records isn’t just about physical ability, but also mental discipline and strategy.”

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