House Of Iranian Athlete Who Competed Without Hijab Demolished But Local Media Says It's Because Of Invalid Permit

Elnaz Rekabi, an Iranian climber who took part in an international tournament without a hijab, has reportedly had her family

home demolished by authorities, as per HT.  

The 33-year-old broke Iran’s compulsory dress code. But she later claimed that her headscarf had fallen off “inadvertently”.

A video of the ruins of her home is going viral. 


Davood, her brother who is also a top athlete, is seen crying in it. 

 Iran’s Tasnim news agency said the demolition did take place but maintains that the family did not have a valid permit and also added that it took place before the hijab incident. 


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When Rekabi came back home, she was welcomed by a large crown hailing her a “heroine”. 

She came to the airport without a headscarf and her hair was covered by a black baseball cap and hoodie.

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