Fate Of Petey's II Unclear Amid Temporary Closing, Moving Trucks

ORLAND PARK, IL — Almost two weeks after management of Petey’s II Restaurant and Lounge announced it would be closed temporarily, moving trucks have been spotted outside the beloved Orland Park spot.

Staff on Jan. 15 announced the restaurant, 15900 S. La Grange Rd., would be temporarily closed beginning the next day. On Friday, Jan. 26, moving trucks were seen removing furniture from the building.

Just two days prior to the news of its temporary closing, the owners had written a touching note sharing the story of the steakhouse and seafood spot and its founders, in commemoration of the business’ anniversary month. That note and word of the temporary closure have confused supporters.

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“Generations of family dining. Over five decades. Authentic. Tradition,” the note read.

Born and raised in a small town in western Greece, Mary set out on a journey overseas to America at a young age in her 20s with her aunt to make a better life for herself and her family in Greece. Fast forward, Petey and Mary launched the Petey’s restaurants. While Petey focused primarily on the Bungalow, it was Mary’s commitment and tenacity that were instrumental in the success of both restaurants. Mary exemplified passion and determination to succeed, working long hours for both restaurants in addition to her other commitments and ventures. For over five decades, Mary’s leadership and management were like no other and paved the successful long history of both restaurants. Her strength and willpower endured even during difficult and challenging times. She was a pioneer of her time for women; the anchor of the Petey’s legacy. An accomplished entrepreneur, she inspired and mentored those around her. Mary’s work ethic was second to none, and an inspiration to many she mentored, those who respected and worked with her, and those who knew her well.

We thank our past and current management team for their dedication throughout our journey. Sam, Dino, Debbie, Nick, Melina, Danny, Luis, and John committed countless number of hours and helped the business prosper and grow. Additionally, we sincerely thank our chef team who have been with us from the early days for their commitment, dedication, and their contribution.

To our loyal customers, thank you for making Petey’s II a dining tradition for you, your families, and friends and for supporting our local, family owned business.

Cheers to Petey’s II

Opened by Pete and Mary Kattos in 1969, Petey’s II was the second business venture for the pair, whose Petey’s Bungalow Lounge debuted in Oak Lawn in 1961.

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“Mary was driven and inspired to open a second location in the heart of Orland Park surrounded by farmland at the time,” the business’ website reads. “Petey’s II opened its doors and for decades has become a family dining tradition for generations and serving residents in Cook County and our surrounding communities in Du Page County and Will County.”

Mary Kattos and brother Sam managed the Orland Park location for years, until their retirement.

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“After their retirement, management may have changed, yet our core values, mission and goals remain the same,” the website reads.

The Kattos family on Friday said they have no comment, but a statement would be issued in time. The family encourages supporters to follow their Facebook page and website for updates.

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