Bully Ray Powerbombs Former NHL Star Through A Table At IMPACT Sacrifice, Scott D’Amore Hits Canadian Destroyer

IMPACT Wrestling goes viral.


Last night the promotion held its Sacrifice special from St. Clair College in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, and event that featured the first-ever Busted Open match between Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer. After Ray won via shenanigans, former Detroit Red Wings star Darren McCarty came to the ring and got into a hockey fight with Ray, who had attacked him earlier in the match. Ray’s goons helped him gain the upper hand on McCarty and helped him powerbomb the Stanley Cup winner through a table.

The fun didn’t end there. IMPACT Executive VP Scott D’Amore then returned to confront Ray and was joined by a number of babyfaces including Mike Bailey, Rhino, and others. When Ray fled the D’Amore got his hands on one of Ray’s goons and hit him with a Canadian Destroyer that had the live crowd going crazy.

Check it out below.

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