Bruce Rauner running for reelection

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner (R) on Monday announced he will run for reelection.

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Rauner posted a campaign video to his personal Twitter account saying he will run for a second term in 2018.


“Now, we have a choice. We can throw in the towel, walk away and leave our future to the same corrupt, career politicians, or we can fight,” Rauner says in the video.

“I choose to fight.”

The video shows the governor riding a motorcycle, as he provides a voiceover calling for term limits and property tax relief.

“Four years ago, I crisscrossed our state, looked people in the eye, and promised to fight business as usual,” Rauner adds.

Rauner was elected to serve as Illinois’s governor in 2014. 

In August, he signed a bill protecting undocumented immigrants from arrest over their immigration status alone, a move which came as the Justice Department seeks to crack down on so-called sanctuary cities.

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