Bienvenue to the 35th Edition of the Montreal Audiofest!

“I’m back, back in the saddle again”—actually, I’m back at the Montreal Audiofest, held March 22–24 at its usual grand locale, the Bonaventure Hotel. For one weekend each year, this storied hotel with the heated rooftop swimming pool becomes the land of audio gear, audio purveyors, audiophiles, a record fare, live music, and music-and-booze tours, two of them this year: the show’s sophomore wine-and-music tour, and, true to the spirit of Montreal’s sordid role during US prohibition, its inaugural “Prohibition Night” consists of music paired with a variety of whiskeys.

But don’t worry about me drinking too much. I am determined to perform my show-reporting duties in a professional and conscientious manner—plus, when I inquired last night, tickets to both events were sold out.

Besides, there is so much to see and hear: 100 exhibit rooms, 300 brands, and several product launches among other delights. One clever idea on the organizers’ part, I thought, was making Sunday “Audiolescent Day,” wherein parents accompanied by their audiolescent offspring are let in to the show for free. Let’s hope the experience of hearing (and seeing) all this great gear sparks a lifelong love of audio in at least a few.

On to business, or, as they say in Quebec’s official language, “attache ta tuque, which translates to, “fasten your tuque”’ (footnote 1) we’re in for a ride.

Footnote 1: Not to be confused with a toque, the silly hat worn by chefs, “tuque” is Canadian for a tight-fitting knitted stocking cap. I looked it up.—Editor

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