Bayley Thinks NBA Superstar Draymond Green Would Thrive In WWE

Bayley has massive praise for one of the NBA’s most controversial superstars.


Draymond Green is a multi-time NBA Champion and defensive player of the year, but he’s also made headlines constantly for his aggressive play and ruthlessness on the court, actions that have gotten him suspended numerous times throughout his career. During an interview with Gabby AF, Bayley explains why she thinks Draymond would fit into the WWE system well, specifically Damage CTRL.

His ruthlessness. We like to break rules, but we get away with it. We have to teach him how to break rules and get away with it or choke someone out and get away with it. I think there is always a place for someone like him, and athlete like him, with such a big personality in the WWE. If he could get him in Damage CTRL, then the world needs to watch out because we’re going to put a title on that bad boy too.

Elsewhere in the interview, Bayley was asked about potential surprises in this year’s Royal Rumble matchup. Regardless of who shows up, Bayley promises to dump them all over the top rope. You can read about that here.

(H/T and transcribed by Fightful)

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