Basking Ridge Local Opens Resort Wear Business With Charitable Cause

BASKING RIDGE, NJ — About one year ago, Natalie Monteverde of Basking Ridge pivoted from her corporate career to start a small retail business called Waiting For The Sun with a focus on charitable giving.

Monteverde had a 20-year corporate career working in telecommunications. However, before that she had a retail children’s clothing store.

“It was always a passion for me and I always wanted to go back,” said Monteverde of retail.

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She initially thought she wouldn’t return to her passion project until her retirement years. Then the COVID pandemic hit.

With everything on lockdown she found more time to pursue her passion project of starting a business. She began traveling to tradeshows in New York City and came up with a concept for her business.

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While still working full-time, “I started to dip my toe into my small business.”

Her sister lives in the Hamptons and Monteverde always loved the storefronts and the patterns of resort wear. In particular, she loved block printing which is mainly done by hand in India.

She decided to follow the concept of offering resort wear at a reasonable price point without sacrificing quality or fashion.

Waiting For The Sun offers chic resort wear, dresses, accessories, and more. It is mainly a pop-up business.

“I didn’t want a brick-and-mortar store. I wanted more flexibility and interaction with people,” said Monteverde.

Just out of lockdown, Monteverde began having parties at her home with her pop-up shop.

“There was this great energy and experience. I was encouraged to keep going,” said Monteverde.

In 2022 she held her first real event at Charter Day. And not too long afterward she was laid off from her job due to staffing cuts related to COVID.

The timing was perfect. Her kids were graduating from college and it relieved her of worrying about finances.

“It was a turning point. I thought I had to decide will I continue my passion project or go with the more traditional path to continue doing my corporate career?” said Monteverde.

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She had a heart-to-heart with her husband, who she said was amazingly supportive and they decided to see how it goes.

Monteverde decided to do a pop-up at the Mansion in May Designer Showhouse while benefiting the Morristown Medical Center.

The Mansion in May event, in particular, was very near and dear to Monteverde as both her parents were treated there, her husband was treated there following his heart attack and her son was born there.

“Having such a great medical center in our own community and being able to give back was very personal,” said Monteverde. “Just to do that felt so incredible.”

That feel-good feeling made Monteverde want to do more events where there is charitable giving and her business has taken off. Last year she raised more than $25,000 for charities with her events.

Her next pop-up shop with a charitable cause will be held at The Depot in Morristown on Wednesday, Feb. 28 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. where 20 percent of all sales will be donated to Homeless Solutions of Morris County. This is also a celebration of the one-year anniversary of the Depot’s new ownership.

Those interested in purchasing products from Waiting For The Sun can follow Monteverde’s page @wait4sun_ for her pop-up events or order on her website at She offers delivery as well.

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