Austin’s Raw Reunion Toast Boosts Sales For Broken Skull IPA Beer

Steve Austin’s Toast to Raw on the Raw Reunion is providing a nice boost for his Broken Skull IPA beer. El Segundo Brewing Company, who produces Austin’s brand, posted to Twitter noting that they’ve received a host of questions as to where people can find the beverage.
“We’ve received hundreds, if not thousands, of inquires as to where you can find Broken Skull IPA,” the beer company posted. “Currently, Broken Skull is only available in Southern CA, and sometimes Portland, OR, roughly in the vicinity of the Broken Skulls on the map. The good news is we are working on distribution plans to reach the masses. If you are a prospective distributor, please send us an email at”
The company also noted that the cans Austin had at the Raw Reunion show are new, and that the 16 ounce cans are coming soon.Click Here:

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