Audio Group Denmark, Wynn Audio, Børresen, Axxess, Ansuz

All prices listed are in Canadian dollars unless otherwise noted.

Saying Audio Group Denmark/Wynn Audio impressed at this year’s Montreal Audiofest is an understatement. They brought the goods and then some. That “some” is what I perceived as the quality of the merchandise and its performance in relation to its price.

After I’d walked into the room and sat down to listen to some streamed tracks, I thought—for sure—this was one of those systems whose cost was out of reach of everyone but the wealthiest. These were big speakers and fancy–looking separates. They produced a refined, clean, tactile, detailed, punchy, and exceptionally dynamic sound. They delivered bombastic bass and a realistic sense of air propelling from instruments, making the music sound live.

Then, I approached Wynn Audio’s Wynn Wong to inquire about the products and their prices. He started with the speakers. Employing trickled-down technologies from its M series of speakers (prices starting at US$100,000/pair) and using custom-made, in-house drivers, the X6 is the top model in Børresen’s X series, priced at $30,000/pair.

It went on: an Axxess Forté 3 streamer/DAC/integrated amp ($15,000); an Ansuz A3 network switch ($5,400); an Ansuz A3 line conditioner ($5,000); Ansuz A2 cabling and accessories (various prices). Total cost of the system: approximately $65,000, including cables and accessories.

Not “inexpensive,” but certainly one within the grasp of more than rich audiophiles. And having heard and seen the system, it appears to qualify—in my mind—as high value, even a bargain.

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