$9M Bond Ordinance For Road Improvements Introduced In Hillsborough

HILLSBOROUGH, NJ — A $9 million bond ordinance for various Hillsborough road improvements was introduced by the Township Committee recently.

The Township Committee unanimously introduced the ordinance at the March 26 meeting.

Committeeman Shawn Lipani said the bond is part of the Township’s “long-term road program.”

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“This is part of that… to help fiscally responsibly get our roads done,” said Lipani.

The bond will be used for the Township-wide road resurfacing and overlay program for various streets throughout Hillsborough.

Find out what's happening in Hillsboroughwith free, real-time updates from Patch.

When asked what roads are included in the bond the Township’s Engineering Department and Committeeman Shawn Lipani told Patc, “Our road plan is a projected list of roads only.”

“The list can change or modify at the time of construction. We compile a list as a means to estimate cost to project financial need. The list of roads to be improved will be made available on a year by year basis based on priority of need and the recommendation from our engineering department. We are in the process of finalizing this year’s list based on the completion of the bond ordnance and will be made available at that time,” continued Lipani and the Engineering Department.

A Public Hearing and second and final vote of the ordinance will be held on April 23.

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